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Classic Print Matted with Fillet

Classic Print Matted with Fillet
A fillet (pronounced ‘fill-it’) is like a small frame within a frame. They can greatly enhance the appearance of the overall piece. Here you can see the small gold border around the image.

When you are having something framed, it is important to know the intrinsic or sentimental value of each piece. One-of-a-kind pieces need to be handled differently than inexpensive poster prints. You need a framer that knows what must be done and what doesn’t. We will advise you of the most important things to consider without trying to up-sell you to services you don’t need. Most of this is in the materials and handling and is something you will never see. You will see the damage, however, if it is ignored when it is needed.

On the other hand, you can take an inexpensive piece of art and put it in an inexpensive frame, OR, you can create a masterpiece with a little enhancement. Yes, the framing will probably cost more than the print, but the frame becomes PART of the art and contributes greatly to the overall presentation.

Open V Groove

Vintage Movie Poster with Open V-Groove
A v-groove is a small “v” cut into a mat. It is usually cut small, but in this case we opened it up for a special effect.

diploma with lettering 200 dpi

Diploma features fillet, suede mat, and gold lettering applied to mat.

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