An Awesome Needlepoint


Crocheted Name Doily

If you’ve done needlework, whether it be a cross stitch, needlepoint, or whatever, you want it framed properly by a professional. If it is not, the item will degrade quickly and may even be ruined completely in a short period of time. With all that hard work, you don’t want that to happen, do you? It doesn’t cost that much more to have it done right. We always use the best conservation techniques available in the industry. You deserve nothing less. Wherever you take it, ask the framer this question. “A year from now will you be able to take the item out of the frame and return it to me just as it is today?” If they say “no”, or don’t know, or can’t give you a reasonable explanation, then you don’t want them to frame your piece. It should be framed without being harmed in any way.


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