Custom Framing

At Coghill Gifts & Frames we don’t play games with our prices. We keep our prices as low as possible every day. We are consistently lower priced than our competitors that offer “50% off” all the time. And in this economy, many of our customers can’t afford high-priced framing. We are constantly looking for new ways to make custom framing more affordable without sacrificing quality. Whether you have original art, prints, needlework, or 3-dimentional items requiring a nice shadowbox, we can help you out. While, we may advise you on how we think your art should be presented, ultimately it is up to you. After all, you’re the customer, we’ll do it YOUR way if it’s at all possible. Some framers are arrogant and even rude to customers when they don’t agree with their customers choices. We are just the opposite. We encourage you to express yourself to fit YOUR style. With hundreds of mouldings and mat colors from which to choose, we can surely come up with a design that will please you. Come by and talk to us about your framing needs.


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